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Access Control - Standalone or PC based

Standalone systems

This is the ideal system if you want access control on a single door or a few independent doors throughout a building.

  • Gain entry via a code, PIN or token/card

  • Suited for small businesses

  • Great for work places with small number of users; can be easily extended if more users are required.

PC based Access Control

This is a network based control system which can be used to control one or more doors, gates and entry systems within a building.

  • Access via keypad entry or fob/card

  • Easily controlled through a PC meaning people can be added or removed at any time 

  • System can be programmed to allow access at different times to different groups of people

  • Can work with intruder alarms and fire alarms to trigger doors to open or stay locked as needed

At Rhodes to Security we are registered installers of Paxton equipment and software.  We can install a range of makes and models to suit all budgets.

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